Instacart for Asian snacks

Happy Halloween 🎃🎃🎃 We're giving free Pocky away with every AZN order placed today 🍫🍭👻 Nom Nom
Hey @jessica_d_elia, I have never given you any permission to use my Dumpling Emoji design as its Logo. Please take this down. My illustration is copyrighted and not for product usage. More evidence here.
@yiyinglu thanks so much for reaching out! no problem - we threw a temporary one up! sorry for the misunderstanding.
@yiyinglu This should be no surprise—the makers, Treasure, are app spammers. Check out the list of other apps on the App Store. There must be over 100, and they're all effectively the same app with a different name, different (stolen?) icon, and different set of products.
Thanks for making this! My wife is going to love this @jessica_d_elia. I haven't downloaded it yet but how extensive is the selection? We're always on the look out for interesting snacks from China.
@davidsfeng you're welcome! So glad you and your wife will love it. We have virtually every Chinese, Japanese, and Korean snack you could want. We've partnered with multiple suppliers in Chinatown and Japantown here in San Francisco to ensure we can satisfy everyone's Asian snack cravings. Also, our platform allows us to expand our inventory from any source instantaneously, so if there are any products you want that we don't have, let us know and we can add them to our inventory right away for you and your wife to purchase.
@jessica_d_elia Awesome. I would recommend also looking at suppliers in LA because I know they have different supplies on snacks. There are some very good drinks that San Francisco does not have.
@davidsfeng ooh! That's very good to know! LA was going to be my next place, so this is helpful. Thanks 😄
Great Product Jessica ! Does your team have any social media platforms ?