Azendoo Time-Tracking

Time-tracking AND team task collaboration all in one place ⏱

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Gregory Lefort
CEO Azendoo
Hi everyone, Azendoo team here, After weeks of design and test, we're very excited to release a new product, totally integrated with Azendoo: Time-tracking : With Azendoo time-tracking we want to remove the pain of using, and integrating two different apps, to track time and collaborate in teams. Azendoo time-tracking fits the needs of small to large teams and lets you drill down from project to tasks to user, analyse and report time with beautiful dashboards. Try it free - on the web: - on your desktop: - on mobile: We're grateful for all the users that are supporting us from day one and we hope you'll enjoy Azendoo Time-Tracking! Love to hear what you think! Greg
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François HuynhPromoter | Forbes writer | Former Yahoo
as a Long-time client (5 years), I must say that I never changed for other app to manage team and task.
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David TiongOwner, Tiong Creative
great addition to a great product, makes tracking time, tasks and projects efficient !