Team to-do lists are most powerful when they’re connected to everyone you work with.

Azendoo boards help you visualize and organize your work all in the one place, and switch between views at any moment: lists, boards or calendar

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Hey Hunters! Greg from the Azendoo team here. There is a huge divide between task list users and board users: Some believe the most efficient way to work is to create lists of tasks and assign them. Others believe it’s more efficient to visualize and arrange tasks on a digital whiteboard. Our customers asked for a new visual layout to organize/manage some of their projects. In fact, most of them used an additional product to map their Azendoo tasks into a “digital board”. So we decided to reunite them and created Azendoo Boards! It’s a new visual way to organize work. And yes, we give Trello kudos for the KanBan view ;-) But, we’ve included a few nifty tricks: * We let you switch between the 3 views (lists, boards, calendar) at any moment. * Each teammate can look at the same work/project in their preferred view * We don’t force you to choose between personal and team views. * You can see your personal boards and team boards in one single place * One task can live in multiple boards and will get updated in real-time * And YES, you can import Trello boards into Azendoo, easily. ( Azendoo Boards are a particularly good fit for tracking the current state of objects — moving a job candidate through the recruiting pipeline, moving a feature from design to release, moving a sales opportunity from lead to contract or moving an article from conception to publication.
For my next project, I will try it !
@clement_chanut Thanks Clément. Let us know how it goes ;-)
it's something like trello?
@nikolay_siabrenko Hi Nikolay. Yes, very much trying to help people get organized and synced around a project. Unlike Trello, you can switch to different other views (list, etc.) at any time and you can chat too, aside of your boards. Finally, you see your personal and projects view in one single place.
@nikolay_siabrenko Looks more like Asana.
@nikolay_siabrenko @dubstrike Indeed. Azendoo is a bit like Asana meets Slack through a unified UX. It's easy to turn a conversation into a task and move a task forward with comments.
What is the benefit compared to trello?
@douglasevaristo Hello Douglas. Look at Azendoo as a way to overcome certain Trello limitations, or if your team has outgrown their use of Trello. In an nutshell, Trello is great for small teams and to have a rocket view of their work. Azendoo is also great at helping you executing that work. Our app lets you switch between lists, boards and calendar view at anytime, for both personal or team work. You can see the same card in different boards, and much more ( Finally, no need to have a chat app + a team task app. Azendoo covers both.
@greglefort: Feedback: From UI perspective (screenshots) I wouldn't consider it as I think it's never a good idea to let the actual task name be swallowed by UX and info elements.
@stefanmimikry Absolutely right. The released app does keep the full task name.