Azendoo Direct Messages

A private chat, right into your team to-do-list



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Habert@quent1h · CDO Program Manager @L'Oréal
This is a very cool feature. I've been using Azendoo for a while and it's a killer app for getting things done!
Matt LhoumeauHiring@mattlhoumeau · Founder & CEO, Concord
Great feature, congratulations Gregory! Azendoo has been adding really cool features over the last few months.
Gregory LefortMaker@greglefort · CEO Azendoo
Gregory LefortMaker@greglefort · CEO Azendoo
Hey guys. We initially built Direct Messages out of our own need for a private chat linked to our team todo. It was so useful and made such a difference that we decided to open it for everyone 🙌. Let us know what you think. Hope you'll like it!