Azendoo Calendar

Todos meet calendar to manage your team deadlines


Gregory Lefort
@greglefort · CEO Azendoo
Hi Everyone, Greg here from Azendoo. We had a lot of people asking for this. I'm so happy we've got it launched and in the hands of our customers. Response so far has been great. 🙌 I enjoy using it myself as it is great to have an easy way to see what who is doing what on the team. Turning tasks lists into monthly or weekly plans, spotting bottlenecks and… See more
@quent1h · Account Manager @ Tigerlily
Boom! This new feature is awesome! Great product and amazing team who keeps making our work easier to deliver. French start-up rock and you are heros! 🤗💪🍾
Adit Gupta
@aditgupta · Bibliophile
The design is really neat! Loved it! :)