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Hey everyone, We're here to take the pain out of team sync and make business teamwork super easy. It's like a magic mix between Slack and Wunderlist, only simpler for non-tech-savvy people. Azendoo is already integrated with your email, calendar or apps like Evernote, Google Drive, Skype, Dropbox and Box. Many more on the way. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Try it free at
@greglefort I think I was just on productivity app overload but having spent today using this I am so happy with it. It's like Asana had a makeover .... but the best thing is the integration with Evernote!! Stunning app congratulations. I'm back to actually enjoying project management finally!
@helencrozier Awesome TX for your message. I'll share your love with the team.
@helencrozier @greglefort I agree that it looks like an amped up Asana, and the Evernote integration is also super appealing to me! That is lacking in Asana, that we use right now. The 14 day free trial just doesn't give me enough time to flex it's muscles enough to confidently leave Asana though!
@laurenlperfors I'm with you on that - I find 14 days goes by too quickly - now that there are no freemium accounts perhaps Azendoo could look at extending their trial @greglefort ?
@laurenlperfors @helencrozier Hey Lauren. Sure of course we'd be OK to extend your trial and talk about your requirements. more of our apps here:

Signing up to Azendoo comes with a lot of perks. It has a beautiful UI, integration with all major apps, over 80 external services via Zapier, and offers numerous features. It is very intuitive and reliable, which resulted in deals with the likes of Netflix, Evernote, Box and MasterCard.

The chat application was made to avoid the clutter that users often complain about when it comes to productivity apps. With Azendoo, discussions center around a particular topic where users can post documents, images and text.

Furthermore, a new feature will roll out in the next few days allowing its users to create subtasks and assign them to the different collabortors of your team.

The subjects can host multiple discussions with comments, so the software is arguably much more organized and clean. They also put a lot of attention in their task manager, explaining that talking about the details of a project rather than who has accomplished what is much more time-efficient.

This also functions on their iOS and Android mobile apps, where you can organize tasks, send direct messages, view the activity feed, and more. It’s simple to use and synchronizes any updates among all platforms.

Azendoo also comes with dashboards that help you keep track of everything that’s been completed, shared calendars, document sharing, 400+ app integrations, and 5GB storage per member.


Azendoo is setup perfectly for the way I organize my life from both a project management and collaboration standpoint.


Made for professional use.