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James Pember
James Pember@jamesepember · CEO, Sparta
Cool find Ryan. We've been using a Swedish product here called and feel it works quite well. Would potentially give this a shot (I'm sure they have an American database). One problem with these products, that is obviously hard to solve, is trying to find suggested people to contact within the company. Wonder if anyone could solve this in a better way.
Nicholas Hall
Nicholas Hall@nicknyc10k · CEO - VenPath
@jamesepember We came up with a solution to figure out who you or your team know within a company - check out or check out Simplist and connect up your team. Email me and I'll get you a free month credit to kick the tires: nick at getsimplist.
Stephanie Kidder
Stephanie Kidder@stephaniekidder · CMO, Azalead Software
Thanks for all of the Thumbs up! James, in response to your question, the database used is a global one including US and European companies.
Nicholas Hall
Nicholas Hall@nicknyc10k · CEO - VenPath
@stephaniekidder - we saw Azalead this morning on TechCrunch and really like what you're doing. Are you in NY? Shoot me an email if you have time to chat: nick at getsimplist dot com