No more blank walls with curated prints from diverse artists

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Ayok’a is a platform for emerging and established black artists to share their work with the world.

What better way to celebrate MLK Day than throwing the spotlight on these incredible creators.

Raïssa Karelle
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    livery, good quality, meaningful art pieces, great customer service, various choice of products, independent brand


    Im sure we will soon get even more choice for kids and teenagers Who are interested in Black art.

    I was Looking for a unique beautiful and affordable artistic present for my niece and I was happy to find a great choice of prints for her tastes and age! for my first purchase I had a great 20% discount. I also get a very original phone case from one of the artist featured on Ayoka! I love the fact that those artists are From different backgrounds and have so many different styles to please everyone!

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AbadesiHunter@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
I love the unique collection @aliiice_g has curated on her platform, and have discovered so many talented black artists through it. @aliiice_g please tell us the story behind Ayok'a 🙂 I'd love to know how it came about and what's in store for us fans in the future.
Alice Alice
Alice AliceMaker@aliiice_g · Founder: Ayok'a
@abadesi Thank you for the feature! I built Ayok’a to solve this problem I had: I was looking for original and affordable art for my home, something that would remind me of my heritage and would express my love for black culture. But there was no easy way to do it! So I decided to create this platform, to connect talented black artists with the people that want to buy from them. That’s how ayokadeco.com was born! Our plans this year include expanding to more countries in Europe, and to the US (for now we only deliver in the UK). We will also take part in lots of pop-up events/markets, so that our followers can experience our products. And we plan on adding more products to our range, such as greeting cards and notebooks! It’s going to be a very busy year 😊
Jordan SUCCAR@jordansuccar · Co-founder & CEO @ Sponseasy - Clapp
Really nice work! Being from the Caribbean and running a coworking space there, we are always looking for artists playing with the afro heritage to color our wall and inspire our coworkers. Many artist from here (Guadeloupe and Martinique) may actually be interested. Let's connect @Alice Alice!
Alice Alice
Alice AliceMaker@aliiice_g · Founder: Ayok'a
@alice @jordansuccar Thank you for your kind words! I'd love to have more Caribbean/West-Indian artists featured on the site so let's connect and make that happen. My email is alice at ayokadeco.com