WYSIWYG equation editor for Word and LaTeX.

AxMath is an interactive WYSIWYG equation editor. It enables you to type formulas faster than handwriting. It has all kinds of functionalities which make you type equations at lightspeed. Key features include semantic math input, auto calculation, LaTeX conversion, memory board, etc. It currently supports Win7/8/10 and Office 2010-2016.

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When you decided to build this, what were your main priorities in terms of product features and UX? @dragonszy
@abadesi Amy Xun (Main Developer) built AxMath 5 years ago. The goal is to make everyone, including students and professionals to type equations faster. AxMath is designed for progressive user experience. For a new user, he or she can use the categorized panels to click and input the symbols. For a more experienced user, he or she can type most of the equations without a single click by semantic math input, and without memorize a lot thanks to the auto-suggestion feature.
See AxGlyph, the sibling of AxMath.
?makers What technology stack is this build opon, does it use Electron or MathJax for rendering? And also, will it be available on Mac?