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This would be amazing for my parents!
@dave_wiens Thanks and YEP! That's actually how it all began... (you can read more here if you want:
Thanks for hunting us @kwdinc and hello Product Hunters. 👋 We're super excited to share Axius with you! Axius handles the day-to-day details of smart home management and security for homeowners. Axius provides full service support for your devices & smart home - like a personal IT Help Desk. With Axius it’s quick and easy to get remote tech support, software coaching (word, excel, photoshop, etc), product recommendations, AND monitor the security of your network. We’re not just another device company that will add complexity to your network, we’re the first company to help simplify the entire process of managing your Smart Home. If you want to become an Axius Member, use “PH20” discount code for 20% off 😉 We're looking forward to hearing your feedback or questions! 🤗
Clever timing – the only thing holding me back from buying more gadgets for my parents is knowing that I'm going to be their on-call IT for the next month. Should bundle this with the product purchase :)
@jason_mueller haha awesome! Our support team can definitely sub in for you with your parents. And happy to make product recommendations that would suit them best! We have had some interest from IoT companies to be an add on...
Hey everyone, Colin here I'm the CEO & Founder of Axius. Look forward to talking about our new service and answering any questions....
Hi Colin, this seems like a great product. There can be so much to a smart home that managing it all can be a time consuming effort. I do have a question regarding privacy which I hope you could answer. What kind of information is communicated between the hub and your servers? are the communications anonymized? Do you guys use any encryption on the hub?
@kingreza For sure! We take privacy very seriously and care about the integrity of your data. We use administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect the confidentiality of personally identifiable information, including encryption, firewalls, and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). We are also in the process of getting our certification and all of your data is anonymized fro additional privacy.