Axios Pro Rata

Dan Primack breaks news about deals and dealmakers

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@danprimack left Fortune to move on to his next thing (this), I've been waiting for his new newsletter - always one of the more recommended daily reads that people in tech often talk about.
@bentossell thanks! excited to be back.
Excited to have Dan's newsletter back in my inbox 💌
Really excited about Axios! Great read @danprimack
@philipkuklis much thanks! please let me know if there's something you want that isn't in there.
Looking forward to reading this in the morning again!
@kevinbryantlou thanks kevin!
@danprimack - How is Pro Rata going to be different than term sheet? p.s. Glad you're back!
@mzamkow @danprimack from what I can tell after two days, it is much the same (not a bad thing)