Automate repetitive browser work with no-code RPA

Axiom is browser Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
RPA lets you automate with the UI
Not everyone knows how to code, but everybody knows how to point, click and type on a UI
Axiom enables more people to automate by building automations on a UI with no code

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Hi everyone, We’re really excited to introduce you to axiom today! In a nutshell, Axiom lets you automate by recording user interface actions, like pointing, clicking and typing. This is known as Robotic Process Automation (or RPA), and axiom is one of the first RPA tools to build bots without code, entirely in the browser. RPA has been very successful in the enterprise, pioneered by companies like UiPath. But these huge, powerful tools aren’t available for every business and use-case. When running a consultancy, we noticed lots of small tasks that never got automated because the cost was too high, relative to a tasks’s size. So lots of small things build up. So we thought, what would happen if you took RPA technology and packaged it up in a low-code Zapier-like solution? This way, more tasks can be automated that are currently too small for developer time. We’ve seen adoption in several use-cases from sales automation to e-commerce admin, but we’re still interested in discovering more. Right now, axiom runs locally, so we don’t store or process any of your data. We’re also 100% focused on the browser; we think this is where all work is headed. Axiom is still a beta product; we are just at MVP. A cloud scheduler is in the pipeline, along with Zapier integration. We’d love to find out what else users might need, and what you'd be interested in automating! -The team.
I like that it helps me automate repetitive tasks. Copy and pasting over and over again is no more with Axiom. Awesome
Congrats @yaseer_sheriff and team... excited to use this. The onboard process was straightforward, nice work. My first process will be adding people I want to connect with on LinkedIn into HubSpot 👍
Thanks again for all the advice Matthew!
@yaseer_sheriff @mattcrail have a look at Recommended it to a client and they absolutely love it.
Definitely going to use this tool- so many things I need done!!
This looks incredible, awesome work! Will give it a go