Personal drawing and writing machine

Random, but when I see stuff like this I think about deploying it into a slum. Automation as little cottage industries that fit into rather robust slum ecosystems. Currently, people who can read and write are able to charge others to send letters or whatever on their behalf. With something like this, they'd be able to create repeatable stencils, or maybe not have to know how to read and write if they can call someone to put in the input, or whatever use cases they could come up with.
I'm not sure if I would use this more for "hand writing" letters, or just doodle after doodle after doodle...
This is pretty much the technology that vinyl sticker cutting machines use/used. It's been a while since I've been around them. Why is the price so high?
One of the gadget's I'd love to have, but sadly have no daily use for it. Apart from that, I think what would help is a noise function to add some "human touch" to it.
Isn't a "personal writing and drawing machine" just a printer? 😕