AX Semantics

Copywriting automation - in 110 languages

AX Semantics is SaaS that helps ecommerce (& other) write content faster, cheaper and better with the help of AI and automation.

As part of a data-to-text "Natural Language Generation" toolchain, use this to generate product descriptions from your data.

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Did you ever try writing up-to-date product descriptions for all of your 1000s of products, in multiple languages? Manual writing just doesn't scale - that's why provide a tool for copywriters, to automate their day-to-day task! After 3 years of developing this currently 200 customers, we now provide have a software that everyone can learn and start using immediately.

My compliments, makers! It look like very handy tool. Do you use AI technologies for these? How long did you elaborate this product?


best idea for retailers


can`t find

The first lines of code for internal use have been written 8 years ago. Last year we offered this a self-service platform, experimenting how to educate users about NLG concepts. Now, with the current iteration, we have integrated Neural components for morphology and text analysis, to have an AI-assisted workflow for the user.

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