Animated backgrounds for iPhone with stories inside



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Bram Kanstein (@bramk) — Creator of @startupstash
Pretty cool use of an iPhone feature I did not know about
Eugeny Plokhoj — CEO at CapableBits
Thanks @bramk for hunting!

Before the story please find the special backgrounds for the producthunters available in AWWWA!

I am Eugene Plokhoy and this is AWWWA project I’m going to introduce.
The main aim of creating AWWWA was a mere lack of funny and really art worthy live wallpapers. We’ve tried a lot of them. Unfortunately, in hundreds of low sense and quality ones we failed to find the appropriate one. Being an owner of a great new iPhone with a live photo function available, I wanted my gadget to look cool. As the majority of users do. I wanted to multiple the usage pleasure even when touching the screen. Especially when touching it, as this is the most frequent action any iPhone owner does million times a day.
That is where the AWWA story begins. This is a unique collection of hand-created animated wallpapers with an emotion in each. Yes, people keep touching the wallpaper to feel it once again and to show others. We’ve created the wallpapers people want to boast.

There are also just wallpapers in AWWWA which are animated too. But apart from the random and low quality ones people may easily meet in the App Store, these pieces are really great in all means. Enjoy AWWWA and tell what you think.
Levon — CEO and Founder, Bubblewits
@plokhoj looks cool! which Iphone models are supported?
Eugeny Plokhoj — CEO at CapableBits
@levon377 AWWWA supports all iPhones with 3D Touch, including 6s, 6s plus and 7, 7 plus of course :)
Levon — CEO and Founder, Bubblewits
@plokhoj awesome :) great incentive to upgrade my iphone 6 :)
Anatoly Sharifulin — CEO & Co-Founder at
@plokhoj @bramk Eugeny, great app from great team! Congrats!
Eugeny Plokhoj — CEO at CapableBits
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