Simple CSS library for semantic HTML markup

Would you recommend awsm.css to a friend?


Niv Dror
@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Gijo Varghese
Interesting one! Sometimes bootstrap feels very even for small projects. Lots of classes to remember. This one is awesome as the name says!! Good to see that its only 2KB. Will surely use it in my next project
Abhilash Jain
@findabhilash · Product Marketing / Growth
great resource @igoradamenko_
Gezim Hoxha
@happygezim · CEO, HNdigest.com
I love it! No need to worry about classes or anything. Makes me wonder why browser default stylesheets don't do this type of thing (oh, I guess backward compatibility lol).
Ingo Radatz
@llabball · independent / Berlin, Germany
What is the name the abbreviation for?