AWS Lambda + Motion AI

Build bots using Node.js, in your browser!

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David NelsonMaker@davidjnels · Bots @ HubSpot, previously Motion AI
Hey Hunters! Today we are super excited to unveil our new Node.js Module, which gives you the ability to code complex bots directly in your browser. Up until today, users looking to manipulate their Motion AI bots outside of our platform configured their own web servers to listen to and respond to webhooks. With our new Node.js Module, this is no longer necessary. Whether you want to interact with an external database, connect with a third-party API, or do virtually anything else — there is no need to leave our platform. Just code inline and deploy!
Antonin Archer@nicknem92
This is really good!
Ross Waycaster@rosswaycaster · Web & Mobile Dev
This is great! Any plans to support NPM packages?
David NelsonMaker@davidjnels · Bots @ HubSpot, previously Motion AI
@rosswaycaster we have several common ones built in and will be looking to user feedback as to which to add in addition :)