Share the love. Give an awesome gift. Co-created by friends.

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Christa Olson
Head of Marketing, AwesomeBox
We built AwesomeBox to solve the problem of giving truly memorable and thoughtful gifts that are also easy and fun. We're happy every day to hear how awesome people felt when they were surprised by a box full of beautiful photo and memory cards created by people who want to share the love! @AweBox
Erik Torenberg
Former Product Hunt
love this. i'm always looking for creative gifts to send friends.
Erik Finman
Founder of Finman Technologies
@olsonchrista just bought one and am curating photos/text now for a christmas present! I love it! Thanks AwesomeBox!
Tony DeifellCEO & Co-founder, AwesomeBox
@erikfinman that's great. Let us know if you have any questions. Hope you have fun with it.
Adam Breckler
Founder, CEO @ Prism Labs (Prism.IO)
It's awesome!
Wendy Kiana KellyContent Strategist, Custom Fit Online
We recently sent an AwesomeBox to my 96 year old grandma. She was starting to get world weary a little bit — but she is OVER THE MOON HAPPY with the AwesomeBox we all made for her. This is an excellent, community-minded, uber-human gift. Thank you, @awebox!
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