Display Google spreadsheet data beautifully

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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 24, 2016
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Joshua Pinter
Joshua Pinter@joshuapinter · Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
Any examples / media to show what it does without having to go through the process?
Pulkit Agrawal
Pulkit Agrawal@_pulkitagrawal · CEO @trychameleon for user onboarding
That would be cool. does a pretty good job of videos and gifs, even if you do have to signup to try the product. cc @jasoncrawford
Jason Crawford
Jason Crawford@jasoncrawford · Chopping wood, carrying water
@_pulkitagrawal Thanks! Actually, you can browse public books without signing up: You only have to sign up to edit.
Cody Musser
Cody Musser@cotagonist · Product,
95 Upvotes and nothing here or on the site really shows me what this does nor, most importantly, why I should trust it enough to log in with my Google account. What?!
Pedro Fuentes
Pedro Fuentes@pedrofuentes · VP of Product and Engineering @ zulily
@cotagonist is just asking to see your email address and name as far as I remember so I don't see that as a big risk.
Kumar Thangudu
Kumar ThanguduHunterPro@datarade · Technologist
Buddy @ryanstellar pointed this app out to me. I use a lot of my favorite google sheets add ons. I had to add this one to the list. is also a favorite add on.
Ouriel Ohayon
Ouriel Ohayon@ourielohayon · KZen, CEO / Co-founder isai (VC)
would be better if you could provide me access to my sheets from your service.
Kumar Thangudu
Kumar ThanguduHunterPro@datarade · Technologist
@ourielohayon I didn't make it. I hunted it it. I agree. Google sheets links are too long and wonky.