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On-demand personal assistant over Slack & SMS

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Hi ProductHunters! Awesome for Startups is our new service built specially for Startups and Professional Teams! Have you ever though of having your own Personal Assistant for yourself and your team? The one who can do any random tasks from ordering a beer for happy hour to researching best web chat solution for your website? Well now you can have your own PA! And you don’t have to pay her a salary! In fact, we built a special offer for Startups where for the first month you don’t pay us any commission (other then 2.4% transactional) for anything you order through us. We also deal with non-transactional requests like searching for the best meeting room in town. Finally, are the first such service to integrate with and be available on Slack and Facebook messenger on top of more traditional SMS! So now you can delegate us any tasks through your team’s Slack account. So treat your team with a Personal Assistant today and feel free to ask me any questions!
Hi @alexeypokatilo, Two questions from my side: 1) Does Awesome also schedule meetings? 2) Can I use the service from Romania? I don't necessarily need SMS (i could work only with the other available communication channels). Thanks!
@alexeypokatilo Looks like you have moved to a monthly fee instead of the above?
Hi guys. How is it different from initial invisible apps like Magic or GoButler?
@druh_opryshok Hi! Thanks for the question. This service is specifically built for startups unlike currently existing invisible apps. This means first that we can do tasks not only related to purchasing things, but also things like research, price comparison, freelancer search and vetting, and other things that any startup needs. Secondly, we integrate into a communication method that is very native for startups - Slack! You just create a dedicated channel to talk to Awesome and post any tasks here. This, of course, comes on top of SMS and FB messages.
I've been an early user of Awesome in London. I must say guys did a great job providing a very smooth experience. @alexeypokatilo what is the thinking behind Awesome new focus on startup teams? Is it still limited to UK-only for now or nor? Would the old service this function?
@nikitakorotaev Thanks for supporting us and giving us a try! We are expanding the target audience and we would like to specifically taylor our service to startups, who proved to be the most active users! This means that we will introduce some brand new tasks that you can delegate to us, such as basic research and organisational tasks. Much like you would with a real life PA. For startups, because many of them are international anyway, we will server both UK and US markets!
@nikitakorotaev And yes, of course, the good old Awesome will still be available to general public as well!
any idea of the cost?
@ourielohayon Hi there! We will charge a commission on top of purchases that you make with Awesome. Around 10% depending on the type of purchase. However, during the first month we will not charge this commission to give u a safe environment to test us out. Moreover, we have agreements with some of the vendors e.g. Ticket and hotel booking companies that give us preferred rates. So, sometimes it will be even cheaper to purchase through Awesome as oppose to buy on internet. Our vision is to have this for as many types of purchases as possible!
As I got it, Awesome was initially created for casual tasks (any kind of them, but still). Now you have Awesome|Startups. Does it mean that you gonna do the same generic things, but for the team members, or now you can also process some business-oriented requests?
@ginger_marvel Hey, we can do a lot of business oriented requests! This is what Awesome | Startups is here for! Looking for a designer for your next project but don't have one in the team? Planning to search one on freelance platforms? You can delegate this to us . We will go to main platforms, set up an account for you, pre-screen and short list the designers that you might find suitable. All left to do for you - is to choose the one who you like most our of say top 3 and give him a green light to kick off the work. This is just one example of how we could be useful. For more - chat to Awesome PA directly ;)