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Sean Kelly
CEO & Co-founder at Awesome Office Inc
PHers - we've got a brand new episode to help you start your week off right: Andrew Blackmon, knows that pain can be the genesis for amazing things in business. That’s because The Black Tux – the high end suit and tux service he co-founded with longtime friend Patrick Coyne – was borne out of Andrew’s own frustrating experience renting his wedding tux back in 2011. While stressful at the time, this pain point helped highlight a market rife for disruption, and he and Coyne haven’t looked back since. Together they launched The Black Tux in 2013, and today the company has more than 100 employees and rents approximately 15k suits per month. As you’ll hear in this interview, The Black Tux is a little different than most high-growth startups. They have to deliver amazing experiences on the biggest day of their customers’ lives (no pressure there), a feat that poses unique operational challenges. Even more interesting, it turns out these challenges have pushed the company to develop not just one, but two very distinct (albeit linked) company cultures.