- 20+ lenses with NEW ones added Every Week

- Integrates directly with your Snapchat.

- AR clones of favorites like the 100 Emoji, Drake, Dancing Frog and more!

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11 Reviews5.0/5
Super excited to be launching this side project alongside Anthony Geranio, Cody Reppert, and Andre Tacuyan! As Snapchat users ourselves, we were so excited to the possibilities of custom lenses when Snapchat released Lens Studio late last year - https://lensstudio.snapchat.com This empowered many people to make their own, but the ability to share them and keep track of ones you've added is lacking with no way to explore user made lenses within Snapchat. Awesome Filters for Snapchat aims to create a unified hub of the best AR lenses/filters for Snapchat. We're continuing to make more unique lenses ourselves as well integrating the best ones we find from the community weekly. We'll be here to answer any questions!
@joekndy @anthonygeranio congrats on the launch guys!! Product looks awesome, lots of potential here. :)
@eman21 Thanks Ethan!

Very well designed and clean. I think that this is something that can spread as it continues to come out with new filters that are relevant to today's society whether it's comical or serious. Great job to the team!!


Very real-like filters using AI and virtual reality


makes people laugh?

We are so happy to see the positive feedback so far. Thank you to everyone who has given it a shot and be on the lookout for updates coming soon with even better filters! What are some filters you would like to see?

This app is great....highly recommended


Very easy, works great