Awesome highlights, organizes, & summarizes Slack activity

Hello Product Hunt! @jbrewer and I are excited to launch Awesome in a private alpha today. When we set out to build Awesome, we took a close look at some of the challenges we faced working in a team: - How do we encourage ambient awareness on projects, ideas, and status updates from our team without generating noise or a surveillance culture - How do we drive conversations toward focused spaces, where people can have engaging discussions and make decisions without competing with overlapping topics. Better yet, how do we encourage sharing outcomes of these decisions transparently with the broader team? - How do we tackle our impossible urge to keep up with channels in near-realtime without declaring notification bankruptcy every time we go offline for a few hours? - How can we work in a team that recognizes personal lives and accepts everyone is not online and accessible by default 24/7? - Is it possible to tackle all of these in a way where they start to complement and build on eachother? What kind of workplace does that create? Having worked together at Socialcast, we knew we at least had to attempt to solve these challenges. What we needed to create was not another destination, or another UI to click through. What we needed was a Sidekick. Better than that - a superhuman Sidekick that could adapt to our team's different behaviors, patterns, interests, and time zones. Holy Remote Control Robot, Batman! We needed a Bot. But not just any Bot - an Awesome Bot. One that would be our advocate, sharing our work but also protecting our time. One that could give us a friendly nudge away from some of the urges that get us into trouble, like reading thousands of messages a day and deciding which ones are important. So, that's what we built. Or at least, that's what we are building... Awesome is in private alpha and is available to use today! We've been testing with Slack communities over the last few months and are going to be ramping up to more communities every week, starting now. Check out our website and let us know what you think We're looking forward to improving based on your feedback. Thanks, and stay Awesome. :) - Team Awesome
Give it to! Can't wait to try this with our team
Sounds like a more Slack-specific Working On... very intrigued!
@chrismessina thanks! It does share some aspects of WorkingOn, in the sense that Awesome facilitates keeping the team in sync. We definitely wanted to embrace the social nature and transparency of Slack's channels, so Awesome encourages you to share with just the people that might be interested via @person or #channel. The challenge here was to prevent spam in already-busy channels. To accomplish that, Awesome bundles recent status messages, determining when it should combine updates or update its previous messages. Our goal is to make Awesome your advocate here - making you comfortable to share what you are working on without feeling like it is going in a report to management, or some secret file. It's just going to a channel of your peers in realtime, so they can course-correct their own work, learn more about what you're working on, or encourage you. We've also seen some interesting emergent behavior where people use Status as a micro-tweet within Slack to share what they are thinking about or doing, now that Awesome is taking the social burden of posting their message and bundling it with other updates. This led us to start to tie Status into our other features, like setting yourself as DND, or offering Status updates as Recaps when you come back from a long "Away" period. Lots of new connections to make to improve how people work and use Slack. Thanks again for the upvote!