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Awesome Conferences is a 🐳 free, πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬ collaborative and 🀲 open source project about the best (developer|designer|markerter|devop) conferences around the 🌍world.

The main purpose is to create a πŸš“ trustworthy place where you can easily find out an interesting conference filtering items by 🏷 topic, 🏳 country or πŸ™ city.

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Hi PH, this is Matteo from AweConf, I'm a freelance full stack developer πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» and I like open source projects (AweConf is fully open-sourced on GitHub ). I really love tech 🎟 conference about development, design, and marketing, but it is always hard to find them and sometimes you discover one only when it's too late ⏰. So I decided to create this website meanwhile learning VueJs to help other dev sharing my same problem: track the best conf around the world. I decided also to create two native πŸ“± mobile apps, one for 🍏 iOS using Swift and one for πŸ€– Android using Kotlin. Both support push notification to allow you to stay always updated on new conf by category. Last, but to least, I added so far a twitter bot, so if you prefer twitter feel free to follow @aweconf. If you have any idea, suggestion... I'm here! And if you know any interesting conf, feel free to post that!
Hey Matteo Good work on this.. The main challenge is creating a critical mass of events. We are thinking of adding an "event" tab on our project (, and it might be interesting to work together on this. ping me on twitte if you have time and let's sync @notseriouseli
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Great job @ghego20! I'd suggest adding community submissions to help you add conferences to the website/app. It can be overwhelming gathering all of that data by yourself. I'd suggest adding a search button, too. Sometimes, people want to look up specific conferences, and if you're adding info like websites, social media, and conference dates/rates, it would be a great way to quickly look up several conferences. Exited to see where this goes! 😁
thank you @lamaalrajih! Community submission is already in place, now you can find it in the footer, but home page is a bit under a/b split to find the best one, quick link here: An overall filter/search is a good idea, at this very moment I put that only inside categories, country or city.
@ghego20 Thanks! Just submitted one!
Great job !! Does it cater to other countries such as Asia and India ? 😊
@ayush_chandra it is open to all the countries in the world, as far as I remember there are a couple of conf in Asia already listed. Btw if you have a conf that fits any of the category listed, feel free to submit!