Chrome extension that helps you find the cheapest flights

AwayTab 🗺️ brings beautiful pictures of the most awesome travel destinations 🌴 and the cheapest flights ✈️ into the "New Tab" window of your browser.

Every time you open a new tab, the Chrome extension will present you with a new destination and beautiful background picture as well as the cheapest flight based on your own search parameters.


  • Aki MercedContent + Community @ Tenfold

    Simple, fun


    Limited cities for now

    Thanks for making this. Been spending too much time on too many tabs with too many plans for future destinations. This gives me something to bounce ideas off of.

    Aki Merced has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Nice travel inspirations


    Can be a bit distracting from time to time

    Marcel is not only a creative mind but has also a great sense of digital excellence

    bondt has used this product for one month.


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Marcel van RemmerdenMaker@mvremmerden · UX Researcher & Designer
Hey Product Hunt! My name is Marcel and I'm a UX Designer/Engineer/Researcher/Maker or whatever you want to call me. 📖Story of Awaytab A couple of days ago, I quit my job in Germany as I will be joining a US based startup soon. In the meantime, I wanted to focus on actually building some products for problems I had myself while traveling. As I'm often quite uncertain where to go next, I wanted to build something that would help me find my next destination and research the cheapest flights. So I built this Chrome extension that puts all this information into the window that comes up whenever you open a new tab. It will present a beautiful picture that someone else has taken at that destination combined with the cheapest flight based on the search parameters you have defined. And to take away the barrier of having to install the extension before actually trying it out, I have also created a demo page that showcases how it works: 🏞️Example 🙏Thanks to @levelsio For help with flight and hotel API @andreyazimov For help and discussions with marketing @mateskako @bondt For being beta testers @mrtnzlml and the team for their API In the next couple of days, I will add even more destinations, but would also love to hear if there is anything else that could be helpful or interesting for you. Thanks a lot and I'm looking forward to your feedback! Marcel
AbadesiHiring@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
@mvremmerden Cool idea, so many questions. Where do you source the flight data from? Does it always display the cheapest option? Are you thinking of monetizing through affiliate links? ✈️
Marcel van RemmerdenMaker@mvremmerden · UX Researcher & Designer
@abadesi Thanks! :) The flight data is retrieved from the API. It does always highlight the cheapest flight, but you can also see additional flights that match the search parameters in a popup window. And yes, there are already affiliate links built in ;) I'm actually planning on also displaying a featured hotel and the price for the same dates as the flights, but so far have not been able to convince or another similar operator to give me access to their API.
Aaron Lee D'Souza@aaroniclee · Designer/Executive
Any plans to port it over to Opera?
Marcel van RemmerdenMaker@mvremmerden · UX Researcher & Designer
@aaroniclee My plan was to release a Firefox version next week, but I'm sure I can also get it on Opera rather simply as the code does not depend on anything Chrome-related (except for the storage and I have already found a way to replace that in the demo). Could you check whether works for you? Then it should be quite easy.
Aaron Lee D'Souza@aaroniclee · Designer/Executive
@mvremmerden Awesome! I tried the demo link and it works perfectly on Opera. Will put a reminder to check some time next week so I can have it on Opera. Thanks for keeping Opera in mind. :)
Marcel van RemmerdenMaker@mvremmerden · UX Researcher & Designer
@aaroniclee Awesome, great to hear! I have followed you on Twitter, so I will send you a short message when I have checked out what I need to do to port it over to Opera.
Aaron Lee D'Souza@aaroniclee · Designer/Executive
@mvremmerden Great - I'll share the word once there's full compatibility (so that people won't have to wait ;))
Gautham Santhosh@gauthamzzz · Anna Assistant, Passerine, MLJobsList
UI looks great, but can't find my city. Can you tell me why you choose to make it a new tab extension, as people don't want to travel all the time. But still a nice idea. btw :)
Marcel van RemmerdenMaker@mvremmerden · UX Researcher & Designer
@gauthamzzz Awesome, thanks! Just let me know which city and I will make sure to add it the next couple of days :) The idea to make this a "New Tab" extension was actually because I wanted to let people daydream. Imagine you are sitting in your office at 3PM, tired of yet another meeting and looking at the rain outside. Once you open a new tab, you would dive into a different world, looking at pictures from Nepal, Bali, Hong Kong, London or San Francisco. By adding the cheapest flight, I want to communicate how cheap it actually is to go to all of these places. Back when I was living in Hamburg, I often saw 8$ tickets to London in the next two weeks. Most people don't know how cheap flights have become and this would enable them to actually go to places they would not have considered before.
Normal produkt. i like it
Marcel van RemmerdenMaker@mvremmerden · UX Researcher & Designer
@ihorbob4 Great, thank you! :)
Matthieu de Luze@matthieudeluze · Co-Founder @ Studiolabs & Social Media
Cool idea! So why did you decide to base the sourcing on API only? Do you plan on extend the sourcing with other APIs/data source? I think the added value is to be able to have the most accurate comparison.
Marcel van RemmerdenMaker@mvremmerden · UX Researcher & Designer
@matthieudeluze Thank you! :) The decision to use API was because they are the only flight search engine I could find that allows a radius search for where you want to depart from. So I can give the user the option to look for flights 200km from his current location instead of having to specify a certain airport. Plus, their team is super awesome and helpful. The next step would be to get access to a hotel API so I can also display their prices for the travel dates, but I do need a certain amount of unique visitors and/or monthly bookings.