Away Away

Travel guides from modern-day explorers

Away Away is a platform where travel influencers can share guides to their favourite destination, then allow their followers to book a trip for themselves.

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Robert Bye
Building products in NYC
Hey everyone, I'm the PM of Away Away. We've been working with easyJet and a number of travel influencers in the UK to bring you Away Away. We built this platform as 80% of millenials choose travel destinations after getting inspired by photos on social media, however going from being inspired, to actually booking the trip is still rather laborious. Away Away's aim is to bring curated guides and a booking all into one place, making purchasing a trip as easy as getting inspired in the first place. If you have any q's, just let me or the team know!
Kyle StephensCo-Founder of
This is a great idea, beautifully executed. I generally find airline travel magazines insipid and uninspiring. Most of my inspiration for travels come from what I see online, particularly Instagram, but the photo posts are often unsupported by relevant details - specific locations, arrangements to get here, etc. I also tend to forget what I've come across. I love how it combines the visual and blogging elements of some platforms with more practical and actionable advice that can be saved and referred to later on. Just a question on where you find the travel influencers? Can anyone join and make contributions and, if so, are they rewarded in any way? P.S., browsing through the site has confirmed I've definitely got to make it to the Faroe Islands sometime!
@ky1e_s Thanks! We completely agree that there's a problem with the way we discover and book holidays. It's good to see you share this pain point! We've started out by building a network of influencers through Instagram which we will continue to grow as we scale. If you'd like more info, feel free to email us at or DM @getawayaway on instagram
This market is kinda overcrowded and oversaturated no? anyways - good luck
Is it real photo or stock photo? thanks!
@charloganem everything on the Away Away site is original content created and curated by travel influencers :-)
Keys JayeyPres @ Convergent

When posts have multiple pix would be nice to be able to full screen them and then arrow click through them instead of pic by pick click by click. Time=$.


Nice escapist concept