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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 10, 2018

Awario Leads is a social media search engine for sales opportunities and early adopters for your business. Plug in a few phrases describing your product plus the names of your competitors, and the tool will combine these keywords with predictive insights to give you a personalized feed full of targeted prospects!

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Hey Product Hunters! Bumped to be featured on Product Hunt today! We built Awario Leads to help entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales professionals unleash the power of social media to find new customers and early adopters for your business. Awario Leads' approach to prospecting is different from what you're probably used to. The setup is very simple: the tool will ask you for product descriptions (2- or 3-word phrases describing your product) and the names of your competitors. Awario will then search through Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Google+ and other social media of your choice for mentions of those keywords. Finally, the tool will filter the results using predictive insights to find posts where people are looking for recommendations on a product like yours, and those who are complaining about a competitor and looking for an alternative. As a result, you get a personalized social media feed full of potential customers that self-updates in near real time, with an opportunity to engage with the posts right from Awario. Check Awario Leads out, feel free to ask me anything below, and please help us spread the love! P.S.: If you need a hand with your Leads setup, use the little chat in the bottom right corner and let our Support team know what your business does. We'll be thrilled to help you with setting everything up.
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@ab80 congrats on the release. Is it possible to add websites to crawl that you don’t currently?
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@kensavage thanks Ken! While we don't have a 'list' of sites we crawl (it's quite literally every site we can find online), there are some exceptions - in particular, sites restricted from crawling by robots.txt. So unless the site you're looking to search is restricted from crawlers, we should pick up mentions from it soon. That said, we've just released something called the Whitelist - a list of pages to crawl as a priority for any given alert. Currently it only supports Facebook pages, but we'll be adding other data sources, including the web, as we go.
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Used Awario close to a month as we were exploring different media monitoring solutions. When Leads launched, they graciously gave us an extended trial.

Eventually, we didn't go with Awario because we saw a better hitrate for mentions on a competing service (admittedly much more expensive). The Awario Leads feature was so interesting, that we replicated it using some rather complicated boolean queries in the new service. Had to tweak our current setup quite extensively to have it work like Awario Leads did out of the box.

If we were earlier stage or had a tighter budget to work with, Awario would've probably been my first choice: It gave us 85-90ish % of the hits for less than 1/3 of the price of our current service.


Low effort, great ROI


Hitrate on mentions seems lower than for other (more expensive) services

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Hi Hendrik, what did you use instead?
Hello I need to Know , specifically, if this App , have the opportinity for to know who visiting my web page

I still find that searches often provide too wide a range of results and that there's a lot of effort required to get relevant leads. Having said that, through use of the system, we were alerted to an issue with a product provider on whom we were conducting due-diligence prior to signing a distribution agreement. Some weeks later they filed for bankruptcy.

This alone saved us so much, not just in terms of time and money, but on potentially negative PR and reputational risk as well. Without Awario we would never had become aware of this issue.


We had one set of results which proved invaluable in giving advance warning of an issue with a potential product provider -a real life-saver


Takes time and effort to create relevant and properly focussed searches

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I use Awario to find new leads for my business every week. It's an invaluable and very affordable tool for doing this. Highly recommended.


Great product with great support team


None for me.

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I've tried Awario Leads and can only say it does an amazing job for finding new prospects on social media and across the Web. Lots of filters help sieve through the results and focus on the most relevant posts only. I would definitely recommend this product to marketing managers, social media managers, brand reputation specialists and literally everyone who's keen to win more contracts :)
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@inessa_bokhan thanks a ton for your feedback Inessa :) Happy to hear you're getting value from Awario!
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