Health study app to research effects of PTSD

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The VA's National Center for PTSD and Overlap teamed up to create Aware--a mobile health study designed to help understand the relationship between mood and PTSD. Join today. (Almost) All are welcome.

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David Haddad
David HaddadMaker@haddadda · @overlaphealth
Hey Hunters, Excited to share Aware with you! My company, Overlap and the VA have linked arms to better understand how mood changes PTSD. Your help in participating in this study will help improve the care of those living with PTSD. You don't need to be diagnosed with a mental health condition and almost all are welcome to join. Happy to answer any questions about the product and what to expect here.
Benjamin Lupton
Benjamin Lupton@balupton · Founder, Bevry
Can you release this to the Australian iTunes App Store?
David Haddad
David HaddadMaker@haddadda · @overlaphealth
@balupton let us ask our partner at the VA