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Aware is a mindfulness meditation app that helps you achieve balance and clarity in your life.

There are lots of choices out there for people looking for meditation apps - what are are you doing differently with Aware? @pushpak
@abadesi Thank you Abadesi for the question. Here are some of the things that we're doing differently from the many choices that are available for users: 1. Habit formation: Meditation has immense benefits but only if one practices daily and takes the learning from the practice and applies it in their daily lives. While there are many apps that have great meditation content, they primarily depend only on reminders and gamification for habit formation. We have gone a step ahead and have adopted behavioural algorithms to help people build meditation as a daily habit more effectively. The result is - we have a retention rate of as high as 76% on the 60th day. Our behavioural algorithm runs on a feature called Daily Guide which helps users to meditate daily and practice exercises learned in each course. It creates a new session for users everyday based on their behaviour on the app. Unlike other apps that provide short-term courses and then leave it to the users to practice daily, we have built an engine that helps people to meditate daily. 2. Approach towards meditation & mindfulness: Since meditation is a subject that has been refined over centuries, there's very little scope to change much so most of the apps have similar content however the approach that one takes is very important. Our courses are not limited to the practice only but offer comprehensive tips and techniques to apply the learnings from the practice in their daily lives which is key to finding value in meditation. 3. AI - based mindfulness coach: Meditation is a very personal practice and needs constant support and motivation. We have built a coach using AI that offers insights, tips, motivation and supports people in their journey. It makes the process of learning and practising much more interesting and comprehensive. Also, our Support Team has meditation experts and our response time is as less as 30 seconds. 4. Company - principle: We're not driven by business goals but by the value we create for users which is reflected in our pricing, our campaigns, support and engagement with our community. 5. Comprehensive one-stop place for meditation: All apps specialise in one field of meditation or the other. Aware is an one-stop place for everything about meditation. From guided courses to one-off sessions - short and long (customisable), Breathing exercises, Ambient sound, Timers, and more. Having said all of that, we've just begun and we know that there are a lot of areas we need to improve on- 1. Design: We're actively working on re-designing the application and in the coming months, we will bring in some innovation in design. 2. Branding & marketing: We're novices in this domain but we have found support from beautiful people and soon you will be hearing more about us. I would love to hear more feedback on the app so that we can get better and create more value for our users.