Track how long you've been actively using your computer

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@joshpeek missing manual reset option :)
@chandan_im @joshpeek That'd kind of defeat the purpose lol, I think the goal is to subtly remind you to take a break. Awareness does it with this really loud gong sound for every hour that you're on, Josh's version is silent? Idk, can't test b/c not available in U.S. store for me.
@chandan_im ProTip: Set a hot corner to put your display to sleep.
This is literally Awareness without the bowl concept... ...down to the name and menubar appearance. I mean, it's free, so no real beef though.
@bryantpeng Dang! I didn't see that. Its pretty old too. Just downloaded it and it still runs. Though, its behavior is pretty different. The timer just continues to run until it hits and hour and plays a sound to tell you to break. Aware actually monitors your mouse and keyboard activity and resets automatically. And no bowl sound :P
Is there no way to see total amount of time worked per day or something? It's be nice to click the menu bar icon and see how much active time total I've out in.
Ideal for them who does not like Pomodoro timer. 'Aware' track active time spend by you on computer by monitoring the mouse movement and keyboard click and display it in the browser. It gives you time flexibility overy Pomodoro timer as you can decide when to get up from work :)
@chandan_im Hey Chanden - nice app. Do you see this as being aimed at employers or employees?
@almackin Good Question, I think this is for employees as data is stored locally and can not be tracked by any other monitoring server.
@almackin @chandan_im Use it however you want, its not judgmental! I originally designed it to encourage more keyboard breaks to avoid RSI I've been having.
@chandan_im What about rescuetime?
How long is the "break" period before the timer gets stopped which is mentioned on the website? I'm wondering, because I would count reading PDFs or webpages also to active time
@flo_23 Right now its 5m. Working to make that smarter, but yeah, if you're reading a PDF for 5m without touching the keyboard or trackpad, it will "break". Same with watching a movie.
@joshpeek @flo_23 and that is actually fine... because you want to take a break for your body, not the mind :)