Discover where you can fly for free with credit card points

AwardHunt lists all cities that a given amount of credit card points can take you. More specifically, it gives the amount of airline mileage required for flight awards redemption that can be transferred from points. Currently it supports 4 credit card rewards programs (Chase, Amex, Citi and SPG) and 20 frequent flyer programs.

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Hey there! I travel a lot and have quite a few credit cards to help lower the cost. When talking to my friends who aren’t actively participating in the credit card game, I get asked a lot: "so what exactly can I do with the points if I apply for this card?" I decide to work with some friends and created this tool to answer this very question once for all. Basically, it shows you where your points can take you from a selected departure city. Currently, it supports the four most frequently used flexible points for travelers, and not every transferable airline programs are supported. This is not a tool for everyone though. We wanted to build a tool that even the newest people in the credit card hobby can use, and some flexibility and complexity were traded for simplicity and easy-to-use interface. Advanced users might want to check more sophisticated tools such as AwardHacker; I think experienced hobbyists can benefit a lot from their site. Please provide any feedback, positive or constructive. I believe the only way to make a product better is to listen to its users. Happy to answer any questions or comments you might have. Vic P.S. Some domestic routes are not showing up, and that'll be fixed in the future. Also, Southwest results aren't always there since they're not the most friendly airline when it comes to 3rd party support :) Rarely, the points needed could be a bit off if the award chart was updated recently.
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You should try it too!


wonderful tool!


it makes me wanna travel all the time

Lol, Ashley, thanks for the positive review! I think the cons is something all credit card hobbyists can relate to. We have too many points but not enough time to travel! I hope you can benefit from our tool!
A neat tool! I think it's perfect for my muggle friends who knows nothing about points, so that they won't bother me everytime!
@adu_wu Thanks Adu. I'm glad you can benefit from our tool! You won't believe how often I get those same question. Now I can just copy paste the URL :D

This could be especially helpful to decide where to spend a holiday.

Also, it's a web-based service that you don't need to download/ install an app - perfect


This is really an actually helpful website to get inspiration for travel destination. Summer is coming - great timing to use this product!


Doesn't yet have a map view option

Good product, useful and easy to use. Great to have it expanded to cover more credit cards and frequent flyer points so can be used globally. Great also to have a tool to book that flight using points, or be taken to a website where I can do that. Great job!


Easy to use

Solves the points issue


Would be good to have a tool to actually book the flights on points

International coverage - I am Australian and we have Qantas FF