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AwardHunt lists all cities that a given amount of credit card points can take you. More specifically, it gives the amount of airline mileage required for flight awards redemption that can be transferred from points. Currently it supports 4 credit card rewards programs (Chase, Amex, Citi and SPG) and 20 frequent flyer programs.


  • Anurag Verma
    Anurag VermaCEO and Co-founder -

    Easy to use

    Solves the points issue


    Would be good to have a tool to actually book the flights on points

    International coverage - I am Australian and we have Qantas FF

    Good product, useful and easy to use. Great to have it expanded to cover more credit cards and frequent flyer points so can be used globally. Great also to have a tool to book that flight using points, or be taken to a website where I can do that. Great job!

    Anurag Verma has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Great tool, immediately able to use


    Missing option for multiple awards programs

    I will 100% be using this tool as soon as it adds:

    - Multiple awards programs search together

    - Filter results, by country/points/destination any other factors

    I've been waiting for this tool!

    Dan Fries has used this product for one day.


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Vic Jang
Vic JangMaker@vicjang · AwardHunt
Hey there! I travel a lot and have quite a few credit cards to help lower the cost. When talking to my friends who aren’t actively participating in the credit card game, I get asked a lot: "so what exactly can I do with the points if I apply for this card?" I decide to work with some friends and created this tool to answer this very question once for all. Basically, it shows you where your points can take you from a selected departure city. Currently, it supports the four most frequently used flexible points for travelers, and not every transferable airline programs are supported. This is not a tool for everyone though. We wanted to build a tool that even the newest people in the credit card hobby can use, and some flexibility and complexity were traded for simplicity and easy-to-use interface. Advanced users might want to check more sophisticated tools such as AwardHacker; I think experienced hobbyists can benefit a lot from their site. Please provide any feedback, positive or constructive. I believe the only way to make a product better is to listen to its users. Happy to answer any questions or comments you might have. Vic P.S. Some domestic routes are not showing up, and that'll be fixed in the future. Also, Southwest results aren't always there since they're not the most friendly airline when it comes to 3rd party support :) Rarely, the points needed could be a bit off if the award chart was updated recently.
Adu Wu
Adu Wu@adu_wu
A neat tool! I think it's perfect for my muggle friends who knows nothing about points, so that they won't bother me everytime!
Vic Jang
Vic JangMaker@vicjang · AwardHunt
@adu_wu Thanks Adu. I'm glad you can benefit from our tool! You won't believe how often I get those same question. Now I can just copy paste the URL :D
BklynExplorr@bklynexplorr · Marketing, Consultant
Cool thing is, I am a member of SPG, Ultimate Rewards, and Also Thank You by Citi. So this is a nice little site to refer too, when I wanna make travel plans. Seems like a good product, but needs work on the UI. I wish there were more seating class options. maybe economy Plus. But overall a good tool
Vic Jang
Vic JangMaker@vicjang · AwardHunt
@bklynexplorr Thanks for the comment. Yes, we're still working on refining the UI. It will keep getting better for sure. Economy Plus is a good idea, thank you. One thing we'll have to sort out is that many airlines's award chart doesn't have such a fare class, so we'll work on figuring out a way to displaying the class options elegantly.
Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter@dillon_carter · Entrepreneur
I've needed this for such a long time! Looks great, but needs more cards ;) I have a lot for travel hacking lol.
Vic Jang
Vic JangMaker@vicjang · AwardHunt
@dillon_carter Haha I get it, I myself have tons of cards. We started from the big four because of their popularity. Will definitely add more airlines down the road. I personally like AA for when traveling between US and Asia. They have such a good partner award chart. My favorite is Alaska, versatile and cost efficient, only downside is there isn't too much way to earn AS miles. Thanks for the comment, Dillon.
Dillon Carter
Dillon Carter@dillon_carter · Entrepreneur
@vicjang Totally makes sense to focus on the big four. I have 135K AA points I need to spend and have no idea where I'd like to go or where the best redemption would be right now. So much leg work lol.
Ivy Wang
Ivy Wang@ivywang · travelholic
One of the most convenient tool to sort out my points and get benefits from. The best part is, you have no idea the credits can do a lot for you. People should have known this earlier and let the traveling world goes into a better place :P
Vic Jang
Vic JangMaker@vicjang · AwardHunt
@ivywang Yes totally. A lot of people got these cards but had no idea where the points can be used, and ended up redeeming for cash back, the worst thing an award traveler could do :( During August 2016, many many people who didn't even care for credit cards joined the world when the Chase Sapphire Reserve card launched. Now there are so many people who have tons of Ultimate Rewards points without much knowledge in redemption. I hope they can all see our website and benefit from it!