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AwardCat solves the points puzzle by showing you how much a trip should cost in points, and how much it actually does cost in cash. If you want to book with points, one of their Award Experts will help you figure out the best way to do it. AwardCat says the service often pays for itself because they can often avoid airline fees you'd otherwise pay.

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Founder, Cuddli
Hey, my amazing team and I made this! A little bit about me: I have been to all 7 continents using miles and points. Two of the people on our team travel more or less full time, and we collectively have a completely insane amount of knowledge about miles and points. It's good, because award programs are also completely insane. You know how it is--it's easy to get points, but hard to spend them. So think of us as "travel hacking as a service." We really love helping people meet their travel goals, whatever they are, and we're really good at figuring out unconventional ways to get you where you're going. :) Here's how the service works: Tell AwardCat where you want to go. We'll check the "real" price of the flights you want to buy, and we'll also provide an estimated cost in points. To book with us, just tell us what points you have (we'll check to make sure it's enough) and make a small deposit. We'll conduct an in-depth, human-powered search--this allow us to apply our considerable expertise about award programs and available routings, and we find hidden inventory that stupid bots just can't. Once we have options for you, we'll contact you to review them, and we'll assist with booking. We handle everything--from combining your points from multiple banks into a single airline program to calling Air France in Paris to book your flight to Honolulu on Delta (yes, we really do this). We're with you every step of the way to navigate the insane complexity of frequent flier programs. And we check everything to make sure it's right. Best of all, you don't pay our booking fee until your tickets are issued and you're completely satisfied. Have questions? We have answers! FAQ is here: Give us a try and save 10% for Product Hunt supporters with the promo code RIGHTMEOWPH (just tell your Award Expert about the promo code and we'll apply it at the end).
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Ravi Srinivasan
Founder -
Loyalty/reward programs come with strings attached. Actually tangled strings. Untangling is a messy job and it is nice that you are taking this on. Cheers.
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Charles Jo
Creator, Startup Study Group (SSG)
Cool. Did you know that some tech thought leaders (tweeters) believe that political correctness is the new theological doctrine and that they’ll end up like Galileo?
Eloísa ValdesSocial Media Admin of a family business

While I never used it, if I ever get into flying it'll be something I'll consider to use from start. Sounds like it really makes things simple, and who doesn't like to save their money? :D


It makes your life easier while travelling and there's humans behind it making sure it all goes well. That's a major plus for me!


I can't see anything at the moment.