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#4 Product of the DayNovember 08, 2019
Awakee helps you to build strong lasting habits and fit them into your daily schedule! Wake up excited and motivated! Forget the morning stress and chaos! Discover new habits and include them in your routines. Stay focused on your tasks using the smart timer.
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Just installed it. I love the idea and the overall look of the app. However onboarding was somewhat annoying. Too much complexity and text prompts. Still, I'm intrigued enough to give it a go for a week or two.
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@school_4_ants I'm still working out the onboarding. It's tough to find the balance in the amount of information that a user needs to start using the app. Thanks would love to hear some more feedback then!
@jruranski Why don't you test a version with the absolute minimum amount of texts/screens? I have a feeling people would complete onboading more often if it was short and easy.
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@school_4_ants well that's what I'm currently doing! I think I will replace the previous onboarding, in which you build a routine with something I for now call auto routine. The user chooses the habits and selects the time when the routine should end and the app automagically sorts the routine so the order of habits makes sense (shower after exercise etc.) and calculates the time needed for the routine so you know when to begin.
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I have a morning routine that I follow religiously and currently track through memory and the default Notes app – excited to give this a try and see if it can somehow improve upon that!
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@alekplay I think it will be a huge improvement for you! Excited to hear some thoughts from someone with an already well-established routine!
What a great concept! Gotta give it a try and come back to share my thoughts in ~2 weeks!
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@vineta_team_luxafor thank you so much! That would be great!
@jruranski Beautiful app and wonderful to interact with. One feature that is missing is the ability to change the minutes on any particular morning task for example I meditate for 30 minutes in the morning but the app only allows me to do five minutes. I upgraded to premium to see if that feature was then activated and it was not. I would expect that to be a premium feature. Is that something that you can change?
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@modcabinetry thank you! This is not a premium feature you just have to tap a habit in the routine tab and a view will pop up, in which you can change the duration. If you'd like to ask some more questions you can always reach me at