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#4 Product of the DayDecember 02, 2016
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Nic Barnes
Nic BarnesHunter@nichbarnes
Product Description: Awair Glow tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and gives you personalized recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy. Glow plugs directly into the wall and can power on your “non-smart” devices the moment your air quality drops (or at certain times throughout the day). Glow has an elegant night light that activates by motion, touch, or through your Awair app. Perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, and hallways. I love my Awair Glow, but clearly I am biased. I have both Awair and Awair Glow (Nursery and Bedroom).
Lindsey Olier Barnes
Lindsey Olier Barnes@lindsey_olier_barnes
Nic and I are obsessed with our Awair Original for our baby's nursery. Have been beta testing Glow for our noise machine and love it too! Thanks for working on this important problem.
Adnan Oner
Adnan Oner@adnanoner
Will you guys be releasing an EU version anytime soon?
Ronald Ro
Ronald RoMaker@ronbjro · CEO, AWAIR
@adnanoner Thanks Adnan for your interest in Glow. We don't have specific timeline for EU version of Glow yet. Which part of EU are you currently located?
Daveyon Mayne
Daveyon Mayne@mirmayne · Blogger at
@ronbjro @adnanoner Basically we need a 240v model (EU).
Michael Sitver
Michael Sitver@msitver · I build things
@ronbjro @adnanoner Do you track carbon monoxide too? If you did, I could see this as a high-end lifestyle version of a CO monitor, doing what Nest did for the smoke detector market.
Adnan Oner
Adnan Oner@adnanoner
@msitver I'm also keeping an eye out for the birdi smoke detector (it also measures air quality).
Adnan Oner
Adnan Oner@adnanoner
@ronbjro I live in the Netherlands.
Zack Goehner
Zack Goehner@zgoehner · Design / UX / Product / Strategy
We bought some new furniture for the baby's room and started noticing that "fresh chemical smell". Of course we were all in a panic to air out the place, but we haven't really found that peace of mind yet. This is exactly the product we were looking for. Looking forward to plugging it in and finding some peace. ($10 off: )
Ronald Ro
Ronald RoMaker@ronbjro · CEO, AWAIR
@zgoehner Thanks Zack for the comment here. Let us know if there is anything we could help you with.
Sergey Azbarov
Sergey Azbarov@sergey_azbarov · Founder of My Renovation app
Awesome device for home and i hope for office too. Don't you think about wearable gadget?
Ronald Ro
Ronald RoMaker@ronbjro · CEO, AWAIR
@sergey_azbarov Thanks Sergey for sending your question. Wearable air quality monitor is a great idea and we'll definitely consider it in near future!