Discover hidden destinations to wander off the beaten path

Swipe, save and learn about each destination all while on-the-go. As you build out an wishlist of destinations to travel to, sit back and we will send you (future) deals and travel content for these destinations right to your phone.
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Hi Product Hunt, My name is Cody and I am the founder of the travel app Avoy (https://www.avoy.io). Avoy is an invite-only travel inspiration app to discover the world’s best hidden holiday destinations. Today, we have temporarily turned off the required invite code to open registration up to the Product Hunt Community. If you seeing this at a later date, but still want to give us a try, send me a note at cody@avoy.io and I would be more than happy to help get you a code to get set up. Why build this? Simply put to change the way we answer the question of "where should I go next?". There is a myriad of travel content, bloggers and apps, however, the fundamental structures provided to us by search and social media create homogeneity, travel group-think and dangerous overtourism. We want to build an exciting product that allows travelers to discover the hundreds of hidden gems that each country offers. Our mission We believe the most memorable travel experiences come when we allow ourselves to wander off the beaten path. Our goal is to share the finest unspoiled destinations from around the world and help you discover somewhere unique. https://www.avoy.io/mission https://medium.com/avoy/in-defen... A little about us I have the incredible luck to be working with a great team of individuals & contributors from around the globe, all bonded around the mission that travel should be an exploratory, exciting way to learn about the vast world that surrounds us. We are super passionate about building a product that people love and enjoy and can transform perspectives on this wonderful world we inhabit and are even more passionate about it now that we are in a time of global uncertainty. If anyone has feedback, comments or suggestions we would absolutely love to hear them. Cody
I think the key part of this app is the digital passport. I love that I can see where I have been and where I want to go. I think the tinder style location browsing works well but I would like more content there - maybe YouTube videos or Instagram posts not just Unsplash photos. Unsplash is beautiful but it doesn't give me a real feel of the place. Love Avoy! Keep going - great to see you on product hunt!
@acgoff Great to hear from you Alexander. I really like the idea of video on location cards, I think you are right in saying that youtube or some additional photo source might be able to provide a little more authenticity when it comes to understanding the destination itself. Instagram can be a bit tricky sometimes as a result of their less than friendly programmatic access these days. We have a couple ideas in the works for bolstering the content on the destination cards and a few new features that should be rolling out soon, so stay tuned and thank you once again for your continued support.
Just downloaded and played around with it a bit. As an avid traveler it was a lot of fun to fill out my passport and the “hidden gems” were all places I hadn’t heard of. But there wasn’t a lot of content describing what was great about those gems - would be great to see little mini itineraries or some hotspots to visit at the gems. Good stuff!
@evomoore Hi Evan, Thanks for giving us a download and upvote, we really appreciate your support. Regarding content, we have tried to strike a balance between making the interface "low-effort" and "inspiring" without inundating the user with too much information. However I love your idea about mini itineraries/hot spots, and we actually have that already scheduled for a future release - so stay tuned!
Hey, Can you share the invitation code?
@mareddy_jayanth_reddy Hi Mareddy, we just disabled the invite code for you! Let me know if that works