Avoid Tourist

A crowdsourced map of touristy places to avoid 🗺️

The year is 2019. Tourists are everywhere. Don't you want to find a quiet place for your vacation? We need to work together to build this map. Slowly but surely, we can avoid the tourists.
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This is a neat idea but it could also be ironic if everyone on PH uses this and finds themselves crowding into each other on vacation 😄✈️
@abadesi true, well probably need to add a mechanism to avoid that
This a is creative idea. If I start traveling, this'd be very useful.
@matthew_mukalere dude, thanks
What a funny concept! I love that it will bring more attention to the underdog travel destinations that could really use a boost.
@laura_pompeu started this because was annoyed by tourists everywhere
Is there a character limit on the search? I tried to pin Avenida Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil but it cuts me off and the location is not listed.
@laura_pompeu that would be a bug. will look in to it
@laura_pompeu you should be able to input the pin now. if not, try to clear your browser data ;)
@gautamanero It worked! Thanks!
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