Avoid Humans

Find empty cafes, bars & places nearby. Enjoy, introverts.

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Wouldn't the solution be to just go home?
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@thetylerhayes Why not? The title is "Avoid Humans" and if that is your goal going home and locking yourself in your room will solve that problem. Going to any of these places listed guarantees you won't be avoiding humans.
@stephenmarklevi some people don't have peace in their own home, Stephen.
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@caffo True. So then this isn't really "Avoid Humans" this is "Find Quiet Places Away from Home"
@stephenmarklevi it's a lot of things Stephen. not sure why you need to be pedantic about this
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I love this idea, has for sure potential to succeed within this niche. Have you thought about doing the same thing but just for your existing network and friends? Or maybe for your 1st friends/connections + 2nd (friends' friends)?
This speaks to me.
Idea is good but the site just gave me a list of local businesses. How can you possibly measure how empty a place is at a given time? I don't think that information is readily available online.