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Free legal documents for startups

#3 Product of the MonthApril 2020
Avodocs is back to PH with free, attorney-reviewed Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, NDAs, and other legal docs for startups. On top of drafting, you can now negotiate, e-sign, store and search your legal docs with Avodocs. Trusted by AWS, YC and Techstars.
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Hey, PH and thank you @katmanalac for helping us out! My name is Yuriy and I am the co-founder of Avodocs. Before Avodocs, I practiced law. What shocked me about our industry was the limited resources and legal documents tailored to startups. Few lawyers understood the financial constraints faced by early stage startups, even $100 for a document is a cost that makes you think twice. When we first launched Avodocs (AXDRAFT at that time) last year we had a simple belief: early stage founders don’t need 20-page ironclad contracts, they need good, balanced agreements that move a deal forward while it’s hot. It worked out. More than 1,200 founders used Avodocs on the day we launched and over 10,000 more benefited from our free legal documents since that time. Today we are launching a new version of Avodocs, because the times demand it. Startups need to cut costs and show resourcefulness more than ever and we want to give them affordable resources to launch their business and close deals. So with Avodocs v. 2.0 you will get: (1) more documents, including Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Founders’ Agreement, MoU/LoI, etc.; (2) ability to e-sign documents, using DocuSign; (3) ability to collaborate on documents with customers and internally with your team within Avodocs; (4) ability to store your documents, search and visualize key data from those documents. We want to be your go-to place for legal documents and take that burden away from you during these difficult times. Our offer for PH community today is 50% discount on all our paid plans and as always - free legal documents for startups. No strings attached. Let us know what you think. Yuriy
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@katmanalac @yuriy_zaremba The great product from the great guys!
Excellent team and amazing product! I’ve been using Avodocs for almost two years now and it’s getting better and better. Every time I use the site, I see new templates available and high-quality improvements in UI/UX. The team is tireless! Really! The world needs more people like you guys! Congrats on launching on PH!
Thank you for such kind feedback. It means a world to us.
Used it few times and loved the experience. The new version is even more useful.
@dima_foremnyi Thank you for the feedback, Dmytro. We are really happy you like the experience. Please feel free to reach out and let us know if you see any points of improvement. We want to become better for our customers.
Love how simple the tool is; def sped up our workflow 2-3x.
@flreln Thank you for the feedback, Vasili! We love having you as a customer!
A useful product that deserves the cat :)
@artem_ Thank you for your thoughts and kind wishes, Artem!