Avocado Jobs

Keep track of your job applications

Avocado Jobs is a job application manager for developers.

Simple tool that gets out of the way and lets you keep track of where you applied for what role.

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Quite useful idea, however, more professionals would need it rather than just developers, i.e. freelance marketers and designers etc. I'd suggest not to keep it specific to developers.
@startupguysnet This is, of course, a great idea. I wanted to start with something more specific at first, with a problem I have more experience, as a developer myself; but expanding the audience is definitely something for the near future.
I am really starting to wonder which part of the avocado makes it such a sought after name for businesses. It's been used in project management tools, jobs, expenses even for couples, the latter being defunct now. Orange, lemon, mango, coconut, berry... Anything but avocado, please. Ideas anyone?
@aichholzer Haha, is that true? Had I known I would have probably chosen something else!
Good idea, very simple functionality. Right now it mimics Google Sheet table, that's all. If you can add integration with email, automatically tracking applications, setting up reminders to follow up, tracking new jobs across different sites and even automatic applications it could grow big ;)
@alexandermalakhov thank you for all those very good suggestions!
Hey hunters! I'm Theodore Keloglou, the maker of Avocado Jobs. As developers, we spend quite an amount of time on finding our next job. The last years the amount of time it takes to be hired at a company has been increasing. The interview stages keep taking longer and longer to complete. It is absolutely essential to keep track of all this information. Avocado Jobs is neat, simple, tool that does exactly that without getting in the way. It is built especially for developers, out of need for something sane that let's you get the info you need anywhere you are. Check it out at https://avocadojobs.com Feel free to comment with any feedback, feature requests or whatever comes to mind! Thanks! <3
Pros - Simple to use out of the box. Setup process took seconds. - Lightweight design Cons - Very lean in functionality at the moment Suggestion - Aim it at freelancers who's relationship with might be longer. Permanent job hunters have a short-term need for something like this - Needs to be better than a spreadsheet (which I use as a freelancer)
@stevendiffey Thank you for the suggestions! So, maybe add properties like how many hours did you spend for each client?