When travelling, along with a local SIM for cheap data, you could also save on voice roaming. Try AVO app . It's keeping your home mobile number active for regular in/out calls over a local data SIM. It works just like normal voice roaming, but much cheaper.
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alexandru cebotari
Addicted traveller, telecom expert
Hey! The AVO app will be useful first of all to travellers/nomads who prefer to buy local SIM to save on data roaming but still need regular voice calls while being overseas. Our main customers are people working for international businesses, nomads, frequent flyers who have to be reachable on home cell number even if they are in roaming and any call could cost them a fortune. With AVO they could stay connected with home cell number over a local data SIM or Wi-Fi even if the home SIM card is in the pocket. It's like regular voice roaming connection, but much cheaper. For now, the incoming calls feature is available for mobile numbers from: - USA - Canada - UK (hi BREXIT) - Ireland - South Africa - New Zeland - Australia - Israel - South Korea - Denmark - Cyprus - Russia - Ukraine - Kazakhstan - Belgium - Brazil - Netherlands - Portugal - Czech Republik - Estonia - Luxembourg - Malta - Singapore - Slovakia - Slovenia - Sweden - Switzerland ... more will come soon So if you are from one of the listed countries, you may try test AVO and use it during your next trip. Is better to test it before leaving the country. We will appreciate any feedback coming from the community, so if you have anything to say you are welcome to the comments or writing a line to our support email.
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