Local guide to stroller-friendly places in your city

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Thrilled to be on product hunt! Thanks to @kristofertm for putting us up. I know this product is a niche play, but it is a hell of a niche -- new parents, but that also makes new grand parents, aunts, and uncles :-) We just put the app out this summer and are iterating to get something that parents will use several times per week. Currenlty (Oct 2015) we have about 3500 locations in the US, UK, and Sweden with plans to scale that up. I'm happy to answer questions / criticisms. Thanks!
I feel like parents are such a huge market that there could be a Parent Hunt. I'm not a parent but I like this product.
How are you able to use the name Aviva?
Funny you ask -- originally when I submitted this to ProductHunt we called ourselves Aviva. But in the last month we changed the name to HelloAviva.
Congrats guys. Welcome to the product hunt :)
@michaelgold Long time no see!