Avionero Beta

AI-powered flight search for flexible travel ✈️

Being from the travel industry and having traveled a lot ourselves, we decided to create a better experience for those who has flexible travel plans, powered by AI search engine 🔮

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Hey guys! Anton here, Avionero co-founder and product designer. We are really excited to present the project of our life and passion: Avionero 🎉 Personally, I’ve been travelling a lot during the past years and I was always wondering: why do most of the current flight search sites work the same way? They allow you to search only when you provide specific dates & destination, occasionally provide outdated prices and push you to purchase with so many ads and dark patterns. I’ve always wanted to do something about it. Together with Lars we strive to create a truly new flight search experience which will work the way you need it, not the way it was built for years. Some of the cool features we've been working so far: 📆 Have flexibility in dates? Select date ranges or specify a trip period 🌍 Search for a whole country, not only cities and airports 📉 Not sure when to travel? Check route details with monthly/weekly prices 🏖 Not sure where to go? Explore our suggestions ✈️ Keep all your searches in one place using tabs 🔍 No Search button for a smoother exploration experience 🔮 Vote on what country we will open up next! Our main difference: live prices on flexible travel parameters. While other sites (like Kayak for example) are making a decent job, you still need to pick specific destination and dates until you see the actual prices & flight options. While you can still see some prices on a nice map, these prices are cached – which means they could dramatically change when you perform an actual search. Thanks to our AI search engine, Avionero always show you live prices and flight options. We really appreciate all feedback and input, we make this product for you at the first place! Cheers! P.S. We have a very small easter egg onsite for Product Hunters. Can you spot it? :)
Hi everyone, Getting to this point has been a long journey for me. When I started as an architect in the flight search industry back in 2008, I immediately felt there was something wrong with how they - and everyone else - was doing flight searches. Coming from a game-AI background, with a special interest in human behavior, I just seemed to have a different perspective. I’ve then spent the last 10 years trying to find better, more human and intuitive, ways to solve this seemingly unsolved problem. Out of these I spent 2½ year as architect at momondo, which gave me a good opportunity to explore many of my ideas deeper - as they had a solid amount of searches and data to work with. Soon after that I met Anton, who not only had the same thoughts and ideas, but also the talent to take on the UX challenges. The final result of all of this is Avionero! … and we have just started - there is so much more to come!

Been a user since launch and really seen some improvements the past 6 months. Looking forward to what Avionero will bring to the future of flight search. Good luck!


Its simple, love the tabs, very useful when you are flexible with multiple dates option - on top of that its very easy on the eye


Would like to see more features in the future for example multi-city.

Awesome! Thanks for using the product and following us :) Yes, multi-city search is a tough one, we are definitely going to approach that and want to really crack it properly.
It is very helpful how can you select flexible dates, I can mark a range of dates in the calendar and it will search in this range. I also like the feature that allows you to search fly tickets for an entire country. Very beautiful Inspirational pages by the way.

Perfect for me who don´t know exactly where I want to go!


Very easy to navigate the page. Nice and flexible!


Not yet!

Thanks Amanda! Yes, it's not an easy task to explore all possibilities where you can go, but we've tried to do this process smoother :)