Earn insurance simply with your good habits.

Avibra is a 100% free-to-use app that rewards your good habits with life insurance coverage. We use data science and machine learning to track your everyday habits and let you know what you are doing well in areas that span across health, finances, career, relationships and your community.

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Morning Hunters - I want to introduce you to - Avibra - an app that takes the unique and innovative approach of combining life insurance with well-being benefits to offer both to a wider group of people. My last stint was with New York Life, where I was the Managing Director and Head of Innovation. I was fully convinced that life insurance, a 300+ year old product, needed a new perspective and mindset to align with today’s modern consumer needs. So, the vision we took was... Why not turn it into life assurance instead of insurance? Why not shift the perspective from mortality to longevity? Why not take a holistic view of each individual life and help people improve overall? To reconstruct the value of life insurance entirely, we’re introducing our first of many plans for US users. The Avibra Free Plan bundles well-being benefits + life insurance. Think of us as the ‘Acorn of Insurance’ -- in a way, your good habits are automatically investing $$$ into your life insurance asset. There’s a cap in the Free Plan for how much you can earn, but the goal is for each person to earn very basic insurance coverage just through their good habits. We’ll be rolling out an ‘Avibra Premium Membership Plan very soon, which will be based around a monthly subscription model. It comes with premium well-being benefits, including insurance. We would love to hear from you -- especially about how our product could improve your life. EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR PH USERS PH users gets a bonus $5,000 bump in coverage when they use the link below to install the app. The Avibra App is available for iOS and Android, check out the app description in app store for more info on how it works. Referral Link - https://avibra.app.link/9O52DFqPRT
@yogesh_shetty How much is the cap?
We do have ceiling right now, but it will change based on size of Avibra members pool , and hence we will keep it a surprise for some time, the way app works is every wednesday (Avibra official well-being day) you get an opportunity to convert your habits into coverage, so in a way you will never earn your full coverage in one shot, and algorithm disburses it on weekly basis.
Question: Will this insurance protect me from a kidney stone and help me pay for my ER bill? Do I have to do anything with my taxes or if my doctors ask about my insurance and I say "Avibra" they will say: "WUT?"
@jessehojjensen It is life insurance and not health insurance, so it will not cover your ER bill, so if something unexpected happens to you then your loved one's (could be any one - partner/wife/children/parents/grandparents/pet/charity) will get all the benefits. Generally speaking, when the beneficiary of a life insurance policy receives death benefit, that money is not counted as a taxable income and beneficiary does not have to pay any taxes on it. Also, Avibra will be the first point of contact for claim processing, so definitely we will not say "WUT" ;-) Thanks for your question, let me know if you need more info.