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Hey all, and thanks for the hunt Jack! Avibe is your music profile, updated automatically. We aggregate your music activity across every major service into one home for it all. Whether it’s Spotify plays, SoundCloud favorites, Pandora thumbs-ups, or more, we’ll keep track of it all for you, so it’s there when you need it. You can watch music videos and keep listening in the background, follow your friends and send them your vibes, customize your playlists, and discover what’s trending in the community. Music consumption is typically a private experience, but it shouldn’t be. With most social music networks, you have to manually post what you’re listening to to add it to your profile once you’ve already searched for and found the song in that app. Avibe takes that friction away, so your music is waiting for you when you open the app. It’s the best way to archive and organize your music across different services, and share it with friends. We’ve had such unbelievable support from our beta testers, and we can’t wait to finally open it up to the world. We’d appreciate any and all feedback and can’t wait to see what you guys think!
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@dperks6 so it's like modern LastFM?
@alexriabtsev hey alex! I like to think of it as taking the torch. Last.fm pioneered this idea, to which we tip our hats, but there are a few big differences. First, we're focused solely on mobile, which has a number of social advantages vs web. Second, we integrate with a few more services that don't require downloading a Chrome extension (like Pandora, SoundCloud, and Hype Machine). Third, we realize it's not all about the plays. We can also save your SoundCloud Likes, Pandora Thumbs-Ups, Hypem Loves, and more to their own playlists on your profile.
This is awesome, but I wish there was support for Google Music. Also Does this only track music going forward or can it carry over all your old music. I've been listening to pandora for years, but now I'm switching over to google music. If I could carry over all of my music I've given a thumbs up, that would be amazing 😯
@gabriel__lewis hey gabriel! We definitely want to integrate with Google Music going forward, no doubt. We'll carry over your Likes from SoundCloud, not Pandora yet. It's a good call--we'll definitely make this a priority going forward.
@gabriel__lewis Letting us import from last.fm would be unbelievable too. Looks like there's a tool here to easily export play data to csv https://benjaminbenben.com/lastf.... Checking it out now.
This is a great app, very well executed. Amazing work, David! 😍 It's pretty incredible that Avibe is automating this music activity sharing from connected music (video) services! Super smart move!
@paulwong90 thanks Paul! Appreciate all the support and hope you like it!
@dperks6 Does it try to ingest your Apple Music library on first load? It locks up on me at login on iPhone 6s Plus. Tried deleting and reinstalling. I have a hella-big library though.
@mikeorren hey mike, shoot me an email at david@avibe.io and we'll see what's going on under the hood
Like the video capabilities! Well designed app