Avian: Twitter Map

See what the world is talking about on your Apple TV

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This is cool Is there/will there be a web version?
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@bentossell We hadn't considered a web version, but that could actually work really well - although I think I can speak for the other two makers on this project when I say that we'd have to get someone else to make it for us! We do have some more features (perhaps other social networks - and a subtitle change...) that we want to add though, and perhaps an iPad version.
@siburb haha I give you until Monday... ;) The reason I ask is that there is much less friction going to a site to look at this rather than downloading on apple tv (as you know!)
@bentossell Yes, as we were discussing just now, friction to download is a massive problem with AppleTV apps. At the moment, the iTunes page for the app is pretty pointless - except I suppose to appear in search rankings - because people can't download the app directly from the page. Telling people to get off their computer (or phone) where they saw our app, go to their AppleTV, search for the app, and then download it is not a great experience! Apple have just allowed us to use promo-codes for AppleTV apps, and the experience for them is much better - people can redeem the code via iTunes or on their phone, and then the app appears in their Purchased list on the AppleTV. Let's hope they do similar for normal downloads soon!
@bentossell yeah web version will be perfect
@bentossell This is the question of 2016... Don't know how many times I've heard this same thing.
Really happy to finally get this one out there. It's an idea that I'd had buzzing around for a while, but only became possible when Apple added MapKit to tvOS in the latest version. Created this a few months ago with two other great iOS devs @thecolourfool & @kabukivision for both the "ProductHunt Hackathon" and the AppLovin AppleTV App Challenge where it came in third behind two other great projects. Anyway, we're really excited to hear your thoughts & questions Avian!
@siburb @thecolourfool @kabukivision @bentossell Simon was kind enough to let me test Avian : Twitter Map early on my AppleTV. I love the way you zoom around the world finding relevant discussions. It brings a new perspective to Twitter. What's next Simon? Maybe a standalone periscope version?
@paul_s_kemp @thecolourfool @kabukivision @bentossell That's another really interesting idea and I'll definitely look into it. This is why it is so exciting to finally get our product out there - we've been so close to it for so long, that the new perspectives are wonderful to hear!
Love the product😍
@dredurr Thanks so much!
I downloaded this on my Apple TV yesterday morning & damn, it's awesome! Definitely think a web version would compliment the TV app 👌
@gadgick Thanks so much Nick - really glad that you're enjoying it!
Howdy, I'm James - designer on the Avian team. Like Simon said, it's so good to have this out there, and be hearing what people are saying about it. The best thing about the early reviews is that people seem to think it's a really good approach to Twitter on the TV. Not just bunging a timeline up there, or expecting people to do all the normal Twitter stuff with their remote control. But instead, a nice, visual approach that works on the TV. Cool to hear that, because that's exactly what we had in mind. Anyway, thanks for the upvotes and suggestions. 👍