A really-intelligent AI Assistant, in Spanish 🚀🤖

AVI GO is a super-intuitive, really-smart, AI Assistant that helps businesses hack growth by delivering superb customer experience, with the world's first Virtual Assistant platform in Spanish.

Seriously, there's no-one else doing what we do, 100% Latin American talent! 🇲🇽🇦🇷🇨🇱🇨🇷🇵🇪🇨🇴

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  • Nestor Vena
    Nestor VenaBusiness developper

    AVI GO is really easy to create, customize and deploy on the digital channels like web or Face messenger.


    No cons so far!.

    I love it!

    Easy to create & configure.

    Fast customization allowing multimedia attaches

    Quick integration on my digital channels

    Tone analyzer available to understand the tone of the conversation

    Useful dashboard

    Geo-localization (for branches is great!)


    Nestor Vena has used this product for one month.
  • Ricardo Arce
    Ricardo ArceAI Enthusiast, Watson, Runner, Dad

    Pensado para Latam, exc para Pymes!


    No está en inglés.

    Se puede integrar al sitio web o a Facebook Messenger. Muy útil para no tener que estar invirtiendo tiempo en responder siempre las mismas preguntas frecuentes.

    Ricardo Arce has used this product for one month.
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