Average Cookbook

Get a consensus recipe for your next meal 🍪 🍰

Everyone cooks a recipe a little differently. For example, a recipe for "brownies" have have either cocoa or chocolate, or both!

The Average Cookbook is a tool to cluster the millions of recipes on the internet into average recipes, so you can choose the exact variation you want to to cook!

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Guacamole Recipe #12 ----- 0 cup cheese 120 cup chicken 18 cup nut ----- mmmmm delicious!
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@josephd6 hahaha. Obviously I still haven't the bugs worked out yet. Please don't make that recipe :)
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@lachlanjc you might like this :)
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Thnx 4 such a usable app.
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This is very interesting. The found version of the soup meet my expectations. it's great idea!
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Very excited to try this🙌. When I'm looking for a recipe I often come across many options. Love your solution
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