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Everyone cooks a recipe a little differently. For example, a recipe for "brownies" have have either cocoa or chocolate, or both!

The Average Cookbook is a tool to cluster the millions of recipes on the internet into average recipes, so you can choose the exact variation you want to to cook!


Mark Johnson
Ben Doherty
Анна Шмелюк
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Joseph Djenandji
Joseph Djenandji@josephd6 · Founder, LOST iN
Guacamole Recipe #12 ----- 0 cup cheese 120 cup chicken 18 cup nut ----- mmmmm delicious!
ZackMaker@zack_118 · Programmer Hobbyist
@josephd6 hahaha. Obviously I still haven't the bugs worked out yet. Please don't make that recipe :)
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
@lachlanjc you might like this :)
Татьяна Никитина
Татьяна Никитина@new_user_58fdf7d374 · Lawyer, Google
Thnx 4 such a usable app.
Alex Astashin
Alex Astashin@alexastash · Manager, ShaurmaCity
This is very interesting. The found version of the soup meet my expectations. it's great idea!
Angie@angeliquesocial · Founder of YourApparel
Very excited to try this🙌. When I'm looking for a recipe I often come across many options. Love your solution