Invest in students. Earn a return when they succeed.

Avenify is a marketplace lending platform for Income Share Agreements (ISAs). With Avenify, investors fund students and earn a return when they succeed, enabling students to finance their education debt-free.
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Hey Product Hunt 👋 I’m excited to announce the launch of Avenify, a marketplace lending platform for ISAs. My co-founder and I started building Avenify in October with the mission of enabling anyone, anywhere, to afford an education. Earlier this year, we moved into an RV, and set off on a three-month road trip across the country to talk to students and financial aid departments about the future of financing. We learned paying for college is harder than ever before. For those without a credit score or co-signer, finding a loan is no easy task. If they’re lucky enough to qualify for a loan, rates are often predatory and near-impossible to pay off. So we built Avenify. With Avenify, students can apply for up to $15,000 per semester in debt-free funding. We use their student profile to set their terms, so they don’t need a credit score, co-signer, or collateral. And with our ISA, payments are always affordable. Not only have we built a better way for students to borrow, we’ve made it possible to invest in human potential. Thousands of students have already signed up to borrow with Avenify, and we’ve hand-selected 30 of the highest-potential applicants to be a part of the inaugural fund. Our borrowers are high-caliber, attending some of the top schools in the country, including Cornell, NYU, and Lambda School, studying everything from nursing to computer science to education to molecular microbiology. Our fund is diverse, with 12 unique degrees represented, school types ranging from flagship universities to HBCUs, and is 60% female. Our ducks are in a row. We wanted to make sure we’re going about this the right way so, we worked with a top-notch legal team to write our ISA, required borrower disclosures, investor agreements, and register us with FINRA and the SEC. I’m incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made so far, and impact we’ve had on the students, and can’t wait to hear what you think. P.s. What do you get when you combine an offer from United Airlines, an internship at Netflix, and an EP on Spotify? The Avenify Fall 2019 Fund 😉
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I'm fascinated by the exploration of ISAs for different needs and use cases. Education is a clear path, although there companies offering ISA programs for even more obscure needs. Stoked to see this live, @pottsjustin! Curious what you and @timosheridan have learned since starting Avenify. Any surprises?
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@pottsjustin @rrhoover Thanks Ryan! One of the biggest surprises to me was how few people know about ISAs outside of SF. Only about 7% of students have heard of Income Share Agreements, so there are a lot of expansion opportunities in the market. Excited to continue to iterate and offer new investment opportunities/ISA use cases soon!
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@iiiitsandrea Thanks for the support, Andrea!
I think ISA's are the future of financing/investment. I am working on a similar project but aimed at a different market. Would love to get in touch and have a few words sometime @pottsjustin @timosheridan
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This is genius. Very well done. How does a potential investor (in the platform) forecast their expected returns?
@jimmydouglas Thanks, Jimmy! Potential investors can reach out to us at investors@avenify.com and we'd be happy to share our return targets and methodology.
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