Avegant Glyph

Mobile personal theater built into a headset

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From the TechCrunch article The Avegant Glyph Will Let You Watch 3D Movies On A Plane via @Katie_Roof "Avegant is showcasing its new product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Originally backed by Kickstarter, the startup is releasing its Glyph media player that doubles as a headset. Equipped with 3D capabilities, the wearable device can connect to a computer or smartphone via an HDMI connector, displaying movies and the Internet on a private viewing screen. When turned to its side, the product can be used as headphones."
#ShutUpandTakeMyMoney - whoaaaa not that much money! The tech for displaying pixels on the eye looks amazing.
@leewynne Yeah agreed. I'm very impressed with the screenless display tech. Cool pretty stuff. Would love to try this out!
Price and lack of try before you buy will have me waiting... but ultimately this would be on my wish list.
For that price I would expect the audio technology to be backed by something like Sennheiser and their NoiseGard tech.
@cprins_ Avegant is using Harman drivers. :)
@grantkmartin Didn't know that! :)
Wow. this looks serious! funded, getting the product to backers on time(!!!), and non-skeptical reviews. as a movie buff this is exciting! Driverless car + Movie all the way yay.