πŸ’Ž Beautiful avatars as a microservice

Avatar generates beautiful gradient avatars for your app or homepage

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Neat product! Was this based on or inspired by @rauchg's cylindrical rotation idea? https://rauchg.com/2017/2016-in-...
@stotlem @rauchg Yes, he gave me this idea - but algorithm is not the same :b I waited quite a long time to make his one available for everyone, then I thought, why just don't build it by myself :)
Hi, Product Hunters! I am excited to share my first open source project called Avatar. It is a simple service for generating default avatars for your users. Every unique username has an individual avatar. It is also perfect to prototype your web applications and apps.
@linstobias is it possible to generate faces?
@csaba_kissi Currently it just supports gradients! Do you mean simple faces that are also unique on top of the gradient?
@linstobias Would love to have the possibility to add a letter in the gradient, like an initial. It think it would make it a bit more personal and distinguishable.
This is really cool. Great way to give some individuality to users on web apps who fail to upload profile pictures or avatars. This would spice up comment streams and even services like Twitter should now consider this as since dropping the egg which usually had different background colours, it now seems to be the same for everyone with the new default face.
@theashtube Thank you for your great feedback! :) This is exactly the problem I wanted to solve.
@linstobias no problem, Tobias. Looking forward to watching it grow.
Nice one man, we were just about to build a custom one but may use yours now. How long do you expect before the "initials" will be included? We definitely would like that. :)
@dannyfiorentini I am still not sure if initials should be included into the SVG/png directly. In my opinion, adding initials should be done on top of the image (in your app/page directly) I was thinking about releasing a react/react native component for that. What do you think? :)
@linstobias ah yes, you're right. Thanks!